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This course is for speech language pathologists (U.S./International) who have initial knowledge/skill in the treatment/management of dementia. In a year-long speech language pathologist (SLP) Survey done by the Speech Team, Inc., a workshop on dementia assessment and treatment/management was requested by a 3 to 1 margin. In response to these requests, Comprehensive Dementia has been developed for the SLP who works with dementia patients and who wants to understand their role in the management of dementia.

Comprehensive Dementia is a full scope course which provides the speech language pathologist with a deep knowledge base of their role in the assessment and treatment/management of their dementia patients.

In this course, dementia assessment and treatment/management skills are taught with a focus towards multi-residential therapeutic settings. A total of five case studies and analysis are provided for the student in the areas of communication and dysphagia. Formal and informal state-of-the-art tools are provided as downloadable forms for the development of a "continuum of care management program" for the dementia patient. The student will also be trained on a "Functional Maintenance Program" paper system.

This course contains 6 Modules:

Module 1: The Medical Basis of Dementias

Module 2: Drugs and Dementia

Module 3: Dementia Assessment for Communication

Module 4: Communication Management & Treatment of the Dementia Patient

Module 5: Dysphagia Evaulation in the Dementia Patient

Module 6: Nutritional Management & Treatment of the Dementia Patient


Within this course you will find over 120 video lectures and 6 reading comprehension quizzes. These quizzes are NOTgraded and designed only for your learning experience. At the beginning and end of the course you will find a Pre and Post Evaluation quiz. The results from these quizzes are recorded but WILL NOT affect your pass or fail status. The FINAL EXAM, which consists of 115 random questions MUST be completed with an 80% or better to pass and receive your certification. Students have 2 attempts per question, but unlimited overall attempts on the final exam. If you do not pass, the next time you begin the Exam, you will be given a new random set of 115 questions.


This Comprehensive Dementia course curriculum contains wide and inclusive content on:

Diagnositic Criteria, Medical characteristics, Cognitive-Linguistic Characteristics on all dementias (Reversible and Irreversible)

Treatment/Management/Palliative techniques for all medical dementias

Full scale standardized testing skill set for determining Dementia Stages and Spared Communications strategies for appropriate Functional Maintenance Plan Development (FMPs)

Effective Documentation skills for functional maintenance programs focusing on "bullet proof" reimbursement

Comprehensive knowledge base regarding pharmacological principles affecting dementia patient management.


With this course, SLPs will be able to:

Determine dementia stages and behaviors associated with the dementia patient

Develop appropriate functional maintenance programs and Care Plans for the dementia patient

Determine and differentiate appropriate tools for dementia assessment and treatment management

Develop effective documentation skills for functional maintenance programs for the dementia patient

Participate in demonstration classrooms: assessment, treatment/management, documentation, summarize pharmacological principles affecting dementia management


Enrollment entitles the student to access to course for the period of their subscription. Completion of the course results in Speech Team Certification via a downloadable signed certificate with a designated barcode and serial number.


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