About Our Courses

For 20 years The Speech Team, Inc. has delivered career enhancing education to speech pathologists around the world. Utilizing new technologies as well as developing new methods and treatments for swallowing disorders are only a part of what separates us from other CEU educators. By taking our courses, the modern speech pathologist will set themselves apart from the rest of the field, by engaging in cutting edge therapies and treatments, such as Deep Pharyngeal Neuromuscular Stimulation, a modern treatment for dysphagia.

The Speech Team, Inc. is now dedicated to providing easy-to-use online courses to facilitate the professional needs of speech pathologists/therapists around the world. The downloadable tools and information in our Comprehensive Dementia Online course are invaluable to any speech pathologist dealing with that patient population. Our courses are designed to be used without any computer/technical expertise. If you can log into a website, you can use our online courses.

With consistently good reviews of our courses by professionals throughout the field, any SLP/SLT can easily adapt to their skilled nursing/acute/home health care environment. By learning the in-depth methods incorporated in Deep Pharyngeal Neuromuscular Stimulation, therapists can easily enhance both their careers and the quality of life for their patients.

Over 8,000 professionals have engaged in this higher level coursework, and DPNS has been made mandatory in hospitals and facilities around the United States and the world. As the creator and only DPNS certification corporation in the world, we take pride in delivering a higher standard of continuing education training globally. Our specialized comprehensive training in dementia is second to none, and covers this rapidly expanding clinical necessity in a most comprehensive and effective manner.

Whether its a course dealing in the swallow, dementia, or DPNS, The Speech Team will deliver the kind of information professionals need in the complex workplace, to enhance both their departments and careers.