Relevant Reviewed Research Articles

Thermal Tactile Sensory Stimulation and E-Stim TX Applications

Cortical Activity

Title:  Tactile thermal oral stimulation increases the cortical representation of swallowing

Authors:  Inga K Teismann, Olaf Steinsträter, Tobias Warnecke, Sonja Suntrup, Erich B Ringelstein, Christo Pantev, and Rainer Dziewas


Cortical Reorganization

Title:  Long-term reorganization of human motor cortex driven by short-term sensory stimulation

Authors:  Shaheen Hamdy, John C. Rothwell, Qasim Aziz, Krishna D. Singh, and David G. Thompson


Dysphagia Summary

Title:  Dysphagia

Author:  Nam-Jong Paik, MD, PhD