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09 Jul 2013 01:59 #142 by lsoos1959
lsoos1959 created the topic: most useful assessment tools
Looking to purchase one or two assessments. Considering WAB-2, BEST-2, SCATBI, BASA, ABCD, Reading Comprehension in Aphasia (?), ADP, or other that is fairly quick or has excellent subtests. I have to use my own money, so want to get the most bang for the buck.

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24 Oct 2013 13:09 #146 by Karlene
Karlene replied the topic: most useful assessment tools
In these days of many changes in the healthcare laws, I strongly recommend a full battery testing tool for the geriatric dementia population. This population is increasing significantly in all areas of adult care, and will continue this pattern for the next decade. The ABCD is excellent in this area for staging and for maximum, detailed patient information (stages 3-5.5). For more advanced dementias the FLCI is recommended. Both are developed by Bayles and Tomoeda. Aphasia tests are good, but this population is not a large population in the adult care area. The BEST-2 is a screening test, so this is a weaker test, than a full swallow testing battery. We have developed the SOPE test which is a neurological/ dysphagia assessment. It gives you the lesion sites automatically, a bedside evaluation, and is cheap. It is a definitive test, and gives you more information to go with your MBS evaluation. The MBS is the gold standard for swallowing and should be given to each swallow patient. Make sure your testing tools and documentation is solid for RAC team reviews.

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