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    Holding the patent on this measurement device, the Speech Team, Inc. is proud to manufacture and distribute this instrument of accountability in the rehabilitation of labial flaccidity (facial droop).

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HBO is now running a documentary update series on the Alzheimer's Project. This series is highly recommended for all SLPs who care for Alzheimer's patients. The Alzheimer's Project consists of five lengthy programs.  The Project's topics are:

1) Alzheimer's Project: Momentum in Science, Part 1

2) Alzheimer's Project: Momentum in Science, Part 2

3) Alzheimer's Project: Memory Loss Tapes

4) Alzheimer's Project: Caregivers

5) Alzheimer's Project: Grandpa.

All programs are excellent.

Karlene Stefanakos, President
The Speech Team, Inc.


Healthcare Fraud Alerts:

It is critical that SLPs do not respond to company pressure for evaluating and treating inappropriate patients. Your licensure depends on following the Law. Company greed could cost you your licensure, job, and potential future employment. For your safety, please read the links (articles listed regarding the DOJ and FBI suits filed in court against HCR Manorcare. Promote legal and ethical care of patients daily in your practice environment.

Karlene Stefanakos, President
The Speech Team, Inc.


Department of Justice: Government Sues Skilled Nursing Chain HCR Manorcare for Allegedly Providing Medically Unnecessary Therapy

Public Opinion: FBI alleges Medicare fraud at ManorCare chain

Legal Newsline: DOJ sues HCR Manor Care, alleges it provided medically unnecessary services

Download ACTUAL DOJ Civil Action Filing

Concepts: DPNS and FMEP

The concepts behind and supporting our DPNS and FMEP treatment applications.


Must Read:

A compiled list of important information, including a DPNS poster and case study.

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Professional Resources

A compiled list of rehabilitation resources and links for the modern SLP.

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Product Alerts

Dynarex Swabs made in China are no longer recommended by the Speech Team.

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Dynarex Swabs made in China are no longer recommended by the Speech Team for patient use in DPNS treatment for dysphagia. These swabs have been reported from many sources across the U.S. as being unable to freeze.

We recommend Dynarex produced in Israel or in the U.S. (Orangeburg, N.Y.) for patient treatment. Any singular swab packaging comes from China (at this time). We will make further postings as this situation evolves. We also recommend PDI Swabs for patient use.


UPDATE 03/08/2012:

Discussions and emails are ongoing with Dynarex executives. Dynarex is aware of the clinical issues regarding the use of their product with dysphagia patients.


UPDATE 03/09/2012:

Dear Karlene,

Thank you for providing below concern.

In response to below, the owner (Zalman Tenenbaum) replied to me late yesterday night stating via e-mail that we cannot get any production from Israel for another 3 months and then we will go back to them.  (Also, we are following up with our China factories to have them make their product more like Israel’s.) 


John Fatuzzo II
QA Associate &

Complaint Coordinator
Dynarex/Tillotson Corp.